How to Cite a Website in an Essay

Citing sources is an essential element of any essay. Although the Internet can provide valuable information, it’s essential to properly reference the source or website. In general, you should cite the website as a source in the text by including the name of the author or editor in brackets. After citing the website you must include the website’s publication date. When using a website’s direct citation, you should include the site’s “as of” date.

To refer to a website copy and paste the relevant portion into a new Word document. You can then add the URL to the file, name it something short and then paste the material into the document. This will help you to avoid retyping the entire passage. Keep a list of websites and excerpts you’ve used. This will help you discern the work of the source from your own.

When citing a website you must distinguish between “real” and “online only sources. Many academic journals are only published online, but you can still cite articles that are printed. Be sure to include the page number as well as the URL. If the website doesn’t have an author, you can include his name. This is called an additional source, since you’re citing an online source.

The need to cite a website is crucial for all academic work. Even the smallest amount of information from a website must to be cited. The website should include the name of the creator, compiler, publisher, and date it was built. If it was published on an online platform, it’s recommended to contact the author of the website. Here are the most important points you should follow when citing the website.

Double quotation marks are ideal for writing documents. However you may have to use the single quotation mark for audio sources. Double quotation marks are more formal than single quotation marks, and should be placed in separate paragraphs. Always include the page number, and if the source is online, use the word “online” to identify the location. Once you’ve used the correct format for citations the author will be acknowledged as the source.

Citation styles differ between academic disciplines. Harvard Style uses author/dates. Harvard referencing refers only to full bibliographic references. APA style, on the other hand is a reference to the website’s original author. In an essay, for example the writer should write “David and others.”

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